The culvert across the drain is also a problem, says Councillor

A piece of red cloth tied to a wooden stump, planted on the northern edge of the Perur Road on the edge of a drain at the start of Selvapuram warns road users. The residents did so to prevent accidents after the Corporation damaged the parapet while cleaning the drain beneath.

Their efforts have by and large proved successful. But a month ago, a motorist fell off his motorcycle into the drain and was killed, says A. Venkatachalam, a resident. A week ago, a goat also fell into the drain.

The drain carries sewage from the Selvapuram Housing Unit, areas near Shivalaya Theatre and localities south of Perur Main Road to the Big Tank. And it flows beneath the Perur Road, a little west of the Selva Chinthamani Tank.

At the very place, the drain is full of sludge.

N. Karuppusamy says that there is so much sludge that all the three pipes that convey sewage from northern side of the road to the southern side are completely choked. Pointing to the drain, he says the pipes are somewhere there as they are no longer visible.

The same is true on the southern side as well. Here, earth has come to cover the three pipes.

When the pipes were laid, they were so clean and deep that gamblers used to play cards there, recalls Mr. Karuppusamy.

Councillor, Ward 78, K. Gomathi, says that the culvert across the drain, on the road, is also a problem. The culvert, which is very old, is so low that it obstructs the flow of sewage.

During rains the situation will be worse.

Cleaning the drain will only be a temporary solution. The Corporation should ask the Highways to build a fresh culvert so that Selvapuram is not flooded.

In the present condition, the water flow will not be smooth and the low-lying areas will be inundated.

She says that she has raised the issue in the Council and Mayor S.M. Velusamy has promised to take up the matter with the Highways Department.

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