They were found along with six hatchlings at a house

Members of ‘Save Our Snakes’ on Monday rescued two adult red sand boas and six hatchlings from a house, near Saravanampatti. K. Rathish of the volunteer organisation said that following a call from a resident of the area, they went to the house and found a pair of adult boas and their hatchlings, hidden inside earth.

The 10-day-old hatchlings were white and had red spots. Sighting them was quite rare, he said. The hatchlings were in a burrow, 4 ft beneath the surface.

The female boa measured around three-and-half foot and was around four years old. The male boa measure half-a-foot shorter and was three-plus-years old.

Mr. Rathish said that the boas must have been at the house for at least 10 days and must have hatched the eggs there.

He and his friends rescued the non-venomous boas and released them in the wild near Sirumugai. The boas preyed on rats, toads, worms and small snakes, he added. He also appealed to the people to not harm snakes but call the SOS volunteers on 97873-32814 for help.

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