City Police Commissioner C. Sylendra Babu on Friday commended four students of the SNS College of Technology for their science project wherein they have invented prototype of a helmet synchronised with a two-wheeler.

Students explained to Mr.Sylendra Babu that the invention is such that the two-wheeler rider will not be able to start the motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

Next, the helmet will not allow the engine to start if the rider is in a drunken state because of an alcohol sensor fitted in the helmet.

In addition, if the schools installed a transmitter that emits signals of a school zone, then the receiver installed in the vehicle and helmet would make sure that the vehicle slows down while approaching a school zone.

The prototype vehicle and the helmet with all fittings at the invention stage had cost around Rs 7,000.

Large scale manufacturing by companies for commercial launch could bring the cost further down to a considerable extent.

The helmet and vehicle are synchronised with the help of a microprocessor chip that absence of helmet and influence of alcohol would give a negative signal to the engine.

Only when the positive signal is transmitted for two factors i.e., wearing of helmet and absence of alcohol would also enable transmission of a positive signal.

Mr.Sylendra Babu said that this could also help reduce two-wheeler thefts.

Mr.Babu congratulated the Electronics and Communication Engineering students S. Srikanth, E. Srinath, Shantha Priya and G.R. Subashini for their invention and gave them a commendation certificate. The students had invented the prototype as part of the science project titled measures to avoid accidents.

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