With efforts taken to increase power generation in the State and to buy power from other sources to meet the requirement, there is no scope for long hours of power cut in the State, according to the Chief Engineer of Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco), A. Thangavelu.

For the last four years, the district is facing long hours of power cut.

Speaking at valedictory of the energy conservation week programme here on Friday, he said that the demand in the State is for 12,500MW of power and the availability now is about 11,900MW. Load shedding is for about two hours a day in the rural areas and for an hour in the urban areas and only in the morning. Apart from increasing generation from various plants, the Tangedco has also executed a purchase agreement for 1,000MW.

Power generation in the country is about 1.25 lakh MW and another 1.25 lakh MW is needed to be self-sufficient. Thermal energy is the main source now. An investment of nearly Rs. 5 crore is needed to generate 1MW. The peak hour shortage is 15 per cent. Industrial, domestic and commercial consumers save up to 20 per cent. Energy conservation will reduce the need for more generation.

Since the State received good rainfall from the south west monsoon, hydro generation now is nearly 2,000MW. The hydro plants give 1,200MW during peak hour.

Apart from switching off fans, lights and gadgets when they are not needed, consumers can also explore renewable energy sources to meet their power needs. The Tangedco office in Coimbatore has gone in for solar panels to meet a portion of the electricity needs. It is taking several measures to create awareness among students on the need to save energy, he said.

As part of the valedictory programme here, students and private companies had displayed products and systems that will help in energy conservation.

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