Steps being taken to collect unpaid tax amounts

Corporation has stepped up tax collection drives across all the five zones and also in disconnecting drinking water supply lines for defaulters of tax remittance.

Tax collection was being regularly reviewed by Mayor S.M. Velusamy, Corporation Commissioner G. Latha and Deputy Commissioner S. Sivarasu.

Officials on Friday told The Hindu that of the current year tax demand of Rs. 103.69 crore, a sum of Rs. 85 crore had been realised achieving a 82 per cent target.

Of the last year arrears of Rs. 36 crore, the officials have collected Rs 14.6 crore registering a 41 per cent realisation of arrears.

Now, steps are being taken to realise the remaining Rs. 8.69 crore current year demand and arrears demand of Rs. 21.5 crore in the remaining eight days.

Altogether property tax realisation of both current year demand and last year arrears stands at 71 per cent.

With regard to water charges, the Corporation had a current year demand of Rs. 25.8 crore and of which Rs. 17.8 crore had been realised registering 69 per cent.

With regard to the previous year arrears of Rs. 12.97 crore, officials have so far realised Rs. 6.68 crore registering 52 per cent.

Water charges

Total water charges realisation was put at 63 per cent both current year demand and previous arrears put together.

With regard to property tax and water charges realisation among the five zones, the order of better realisation was as follows: West, Central, North, East and South.

In order to step up tax collection drive, disconnection of water supply lines had been done in 48 cases of regular and huge defaults.

After March 31 on completion of the tax collection drive, the official machinery plans to step up action in terms of disconnecting drinking water supply lines.

To enable the public to pay the taxes without hassle, Corporation Tax collection counters will function from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will be open on Sundays i.e., on March 24 and 31.

Additional tax collection counters have been opened at the erstwhile Kurichi Municipality office and at the Kovaipudur Nagapillayar temple near Kovaipudur.

Defaulters in tax remittance will have to face disconnection of water supply as well as the UGD line as well, Corporation officials said.

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