Coimbatore City Police will launch an interactive website that could be accessed from mobile phones, computers or hand-held devices irrespective of the operating platform.

When contacted, City Police Commissioner A.K. Viswanathan said that the existing website of the City Police is being refurbished with more new user-friendly features and will be launched on October 15.


The objective of the website is to have an easy interface with the public and to bring down the necessity for them to visit a police station or the city police office.

Complaints or petitions could be sent online by e-mail (except in major crimes, where personal appearance of the victim or the complainant is required).

Whenever any information is passed on or a complaint is sent, an automatic computer-generated acknowledgement will be generated.

To the maximum extent, the grievances will be resolved online unless the presence of the petitioner or counter-petitioner is required. The website will enable the user to identify his or her jurisdiction and the police station concerned by just keying in the pin code number of their residential area.

In addition, the website will provide the telephone numbers and names of officers in charge of law and order, crime and traffic for the particular jurisdiction.

In the second phase, the website would enable a petitioner to track the status of his petition on whether it is treated as a petition or registered as a case by filing a First Information Report (FIR).

The new version of the website could be accessed at


It will have a link to the Crime and Criminal Tracking Networking System (CCTNS) of the police. The grievance can be sent to the CCTNS as well.

The website will have tips for averting chain snatching, house break, and property offences based on the analysis of the modus operandi of the criminals in the previous incidents.

The website will have a link to the Tamil Nadu Police.

Coimbatore City becomes the second city to have a link to the State police website next to Chennai City Police, said B. Balaji, managing director of AES Technologies, designing the website for the city police.

There will be regular updating of the website.

To enable this, the control panel for the website will be administered by the trained police officers, he added.

There will be login option for regular users of the website to download announcements or application forms, he added.

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