The band, which enthralled audience with popular Tamil, Hindi songs, is just two months old

The music performance by the band ‘Aura’, organised as part of Coimbatore Vizha, livened up the mood in Brookefields mall. The band consists of nine members, Vasish Raj (guitar), Sanjay Krishnan (guitar), Vishal (vocal), Prashant Jain (vocal) Satyanarayanan (vocal), Shiva Subramanium (violin), Manish (keyboard), Girish (drums) and Vishnu Prasad ( tabla).

The band began with an instrumental composition of ‘Nothing else matters’. The second number was a romantic one ‘Nenjukul’ from the film Vaaranam Aayiram, sung by the lead vocalist of the band, Satyanarayanan. The breezy romantic number was pleasing and Satyanarayanan’s deep voice did justice to the song.

The next one was an energetic number ‘Roobaroo’ from the film Rang De Basanti by Vishal. Vishal’s performance was energetic and the chorus was harmonious. Next in line was ‘Nadan Parindey’ from the film Rockstar by Prashant Jain. Other popular Tamil and Hindi songs performed by the band were ‘June Ponal’, ‘Jiya Kyun’, and ‘Socha Hain’.

The band is just two months old. The members met through Facebook and personal contacts. All of them have their base in Carnatic music. Vasish Raj and Shiva Subramanium have received grades from the Trinity College London. Satyanarayanan was one of Airtel Super Singer contestants and a semi-finalist at Jaya TV Little Masters. While some of them are working, some are still in schools and college.

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