After a slew of spelling changes for luck, actors now flaunt their birthstones

From Kajol, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Shilpa Shetty to Mugdha Godse, SRK and Tushaar Kapoor, everyone is getting stoned.

Big B’s fortunes turned around after he sported a sapphire on his middle finger, just the way Indira Gandhi did. Sultry siren Antara Mali attributes her success to the ring on her bellybutton. Bappi Lahiri wears, perhaps, more jewellery than his wife. Actor-cum-entrepreneur Shilpa Shetty assigns her career success, including winning Celebrity Big Brother, her IPL stint, and even the success of her yoga CD, to her emerald ring.

Lata Mangeshkar considers her mammoth diamond ring lucky. Aishwarya Rai wears a huge white lucky stone. Kareena flaunts a huge rock, Salman Khan wears a bracelet in almost every film, believing that it ensures a box-office hit.

Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan have also been spotted with gem amulets around their arms. AB junior and Sanjay Dutt have their share of gems, stones, charms, amulets and threads. No wonder the astrology market in India is estimated at around Rs. 250 crore!

Says Ravi Kumar, an astrologer: “For ages, film stars have been wearing rings for a box-office hit or well-being. There are 200 varieties of emeralds that differ in clarity, lustre and weight. Each of these varieties has different uses,” he explains.

Since birthstones are prescribed according to the Western concept of sun signs, Indian gemmologists prefer to use the desi calculations based on the number and sequence of each month: January: Ruby; February: Moonstone; March: Yellow sapphire; April: Gomed or hessonite; May: Emerald; June: Opal and diamond; July: Cat’s eye; August: Blue sapphire and amethyst; September: Coral; October: Ruby; November: Pearl; December: Yellow sapphire.

Who and why they wear?

Tusshar Kapoor: An amulet, which he believes will cure his insomnia.

Neetu Chandra: Wears three rings for success and health

Shah Rukh Khan: A gemstone amulet for general well-being.

Jeetendra: To help cure a knee problem.

Mugdha Godse: Wears a stone amulet to heal an injury

Kajol: An arm band, as advised by her mother Tanuja, to avert bad omen. Her sister Tanisha wears an arm band for career success.