Maybe a homeless cat had a litter and brought her young ones to your house for safe keeping. Or maybe you saw a kitten at the animal shelter cleaning himself fastidiously and thought he was just perfect. So here you are now, with a little bundle wrapped up in a warm blanket, looking adorable in a wicker basket. His nose is soft pink, his paws are sparkling white and his fur is streaked with tiger stripes. Now comes the big question — one that is almost as important as giving him the right food and timely vaccination. What do you name him? After all, this is what you’ll be calling him for years — the name you enter in his medical record and the name you call when it’s time for supper.

How do you go about making your choice? First step, find out whether your kitten is male or female. This may sound fairly obvious, but you will be surprised how many people end up with a hulking tom cat called Barbie, or a female who has been named Batman. Your vet or a seasoned cat lover can help you with this. Also, take some time to find out your kitty’s personality. Is he regalor rowdy, grouchy or goofy? Maybe you are looking for an unusual name as you think he is absolutely one of a kind. Two-syllable names tend to be ideal and convenient.

How about personalising the name according to your interests in music or books, food or fashion? This opens up a treasure house of ideas, ranging from Matisse to Mozart and Violet to Vivaldi. If you want to double the fun, you could adopt a pair of kittens and watch them play their endless games of wrestle and tumble. Imagine the fun of having a pair named Mumbo and Jumbo or Laurel and Hardy.

Perhaps you want a kitten with a beautiful name already in place. Then choose to adopt one or more of these sweet siblings Pudding, Muffin or Truffle (seen in picture) who are waiting for their forever homes. They are litter-trained, de-wormed and extremely playful. Just call 99620 97862.