A traditional mutton dish that forces you to lick your fingers

Cooked in earthenware, this dish is rustic yet comprises flavours that give your palate a kick.

The secret to this recipe is definitely slow cooking over low heat.

Matkiwali nalli chap


1.5 kg mutton

2 no paya

1.4 kg bone (with marrow)

15 gm dry ginger

15 gm saunf

15 gm cumin seeds

15 gm small cardamon

15 gm clove

25 gm flour

1 - onion

30 gm ginger

250 gm oil

1/4tsp turmeric powder

Red chilli powder as per taste.

Salt as per taste.


In a handi, heat oil, and add the onions. Fry till the onions turn brown.

Add paya, the bones, red chilli, salt and turmeric and keep frying on a slow fire.

Prepare a solution of flour and water in a proportion of 1:2.

Add it to the fried meat, and keep stirring so as to avoid any lump.

Add all the powdered masala — dry ginger, saunf and cumin seeds, and thecardamoms and cloves to the above and keep on stirring.

Allow the meat to cook with sufficient water. Adjust the seasonings and garnish with ginger and chopped coriander.

Serve with rice or roti.

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