It must be fun performing with siblings. The comfort level that many others achieve only after months of interaction comes as default setting here. Your best cheerleaders and worst critics are on stage with you.

And you're not likely to be left high and dry by band members with loftier solo ambitions. D Major — comprising the three Dandekar sisters, Anusha, Shibani and Apeksha — were in the Capital recently for the seven-city joint tour with Stereo Nation organised by Antiquity Club Fusion. When someone asks if the three foresee a larger shelf-life than other girl bands in India and abroad, Anusha promptly replies, “Every city we've been to as a band, we get asked that… Well, we're sisters and breaking up is a little more difficult.”

Among, the three D Major members (for the musical note and ‘Dandekar'), Anusha is the most recognisable one, as the chirpy yet level-headed VJ Anusha of MTV and host of Style Check. However, Shibani and Apeksha have had their own successful careers. Apeksha, the quieter one, who has spent considerable time in the U.K., has had an album, “Ikraar”, as vocalist, with producer Biddu. Shibani, the eldest, has had a successful stint on American television through shows like Namaste America and Asian Variety Show, besides dabbling in modelling. D Major, along with their coming together, is also a coming together of their varied musical influences.

On their way to launching their first music album, as yet untitled, Shibani says, “Our music is a blend of pop, hip hop, R&B, Rock and even folk.” A Marathi track, too, will feature on the album.

On what each of them brings to the band, she says, “Our personalities come out when we are performing.” While Anusha and Shibani are the “stubborn” ones, Apeksha is “a lot more understanding... the listener,” she adds. The three write and compose all their songs.

Adrenaline rush

The tour, D Major's first, has been a whirlwind of activity. “It's been an amazing experience, a huge challenge and an adrenaline rush,” says Apeksha. “If we could sit for four days and start it all over again, we'll do it,” she adds.

In terms of favourites, Anusha likes Mariah Carey, Fergie and Rihanna, Shibani likes Lauryn Hill, Beyonce (“as a performer”), and Alicia Keys. Apeksha, meanwhile, likes the more classic “big voices”, like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston.

There must be a band they admire in terms of their musicality and evolution? “If I had to choose one in terms of the hit after hit they've given, in terms of their relationship with each other and the press, it has to be U2. Their reputation has been phenomenal; no wild shows, no crazy behaviour. Singing is their business,” Shibani gushes.