By gaining popularity burgers are now the in thing in five star restaurants too!

There was a time when burgers were quite a rarity, with day dreams and drools about MacD's and Burger Kings! There were even the grumbles about how our city never goes beyond its idly sambhar obsession! But now, there is quite a satisfying answer to all that. Our very own Chennai chefs are experimenting with American foods, with their own creative touch; without the menacing side -effects of the regulars. (Of course, everything causes cancer these days!)

Creating statement

The burger festival at Trident provided a good idea of how the burger could translate into comfort food. There were two things that I learnt— a well made burger could easily make a wholesome meal, both in terms of health and quantity. Eating the burger in perfect sophistication, without the clumsiness is an art! So is cooking. The sumptuous burgers seem almost like creative expressions. Says Mr.Anand Chatterjee, these fests happen not to cater to a need, but act as a way of creating a statement for their Chefs. It's refreshing to know that it is not demand- supply that is instigating this, but simply for the mood. Some of the best works perhaps are delivered that way!

Meaty options

This fest was ideal for the non-vegetarian experimenter; the Tandoori lamb burger with tomato and corn proved a mouth watering combination and the next on the bests list was the Caribbean jerked chicken breast burger. The meat was as good as it could be and the absence of the usual greasiness of the cheese gave a much better “after meal feel”; sans the heaviness. The Feta club burger and South- west red bean burger are the only choices for the vegetarian. Definitely not a thumbs down for them, but the real taste was, without doubt felt in the others. The fact that this fest is happening at a five star hotel could be a source of inaccessibility for many, but I'd say try it. It would probably cost you only a little more than usual, and especially if you're the kind who has a fetish for foods, then don't miss this one! The ambience and service is well worth it. And though the fest is over a few of their burgers still feature on their menu.

Niharika is a II year BA Literature student of Stella Maris College.

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