The youth in Chennai react to the controversy-ridden IPL-V…

I feel IPL is really becoming more of a money-making venture. It isn't being treated the way a cricket tournament should be treated. It isn't about the players anymore but about the celebrities who “own” them. And the worst is that the players don't seem to mind it. - TEENA MARY THOMAS, Student

Firstly, I feel that any tournament of such dimension would have troubles of some sort. But this time it has crossed its limits both in form and number. The SRK incident had the CEO Sunder Raman present but still he could not control it. I think there should be an authority from the sports board to regulate the black money involved in it. Scrapping the event would make us come across as incompetent. - JEYAKUMAR MEYYAPPAN, Rajah Muthiah Medical College, Annamalai University

IPL is all about drama. It is all about entertainment. People are not playing the game for the sake of playing it. It is merely a money making gimmick. The Shah Rukh Khan's episode is very unambiguous; no one knows what the truth really is. - CHIRANJEEV SINGH, Freelance graphic designer

With the introduction of these leagues, cricket has totally lost its charm. It has become commercialised and people no longer play for the passion for it. One can see a drastic difference between Dhoni and Kapil Dev. These new boys only crave for attention, name and fame. - SIMRAN CHHABRIA, Rosary Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Series like the IPL and T20 are a disgrace to cricket. Today's cricketers are bringing down the calibre that cricket once had. Players like Suresh Raina can only play well in a 20 overs game. Whereas old players like Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar carry the grace of cricket till date. This is only because they didn't have commercial cricket in their times. - FATEMA MADRASWALA, 21, Dietician, 99 F

Match fixing is happening almost everywhere especially in the IPL; it's really the domestic players who aren't getting a chance to play who are getting involved in such things. In the Shah Rukh Khan case, they shouldn't have misbehaved with his kids and they should lift the ban on him. - SIDDHARTH ASRANI, 20, Venture Intelligence

As told to PAYAL CHHABRIA, II Year, MA Communication, MOP Vaishnav College for Women

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