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Updated: February 17, 2010 15:35 IST

Treat for RPG fans

Sharan M
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Box shot of the game Dragon Age: Origins.
Box shot of the game Dragon Age: Origins.

With its brilliant story-line and action, this game is sure to get you addicted.

RPGs (Role Playing Games) may not appeal to everyone. It involves spending hours in front of the game and many more going through speech and choices. So it is with caution, that I advise you to try this one. Don't get me wrong, the developer BioWare has done a brilliant job to churn out this masterpiece. I just feel that this one could have been more fine-tuned to suit a wider audience.

Fight the dragon

Taking place in a medieval fantasy world, the game follows the story of a Grey Warden, who must gather a group of able people and unite the different fantasy-themed races to defend their land against a ‘Blight'. The Blight is headed by an Archdemon — a huge and ridiculously powerful Dragon. This story serves as a backdrop to create our own tailored version of the plot.

BioWare has taken care to make sure that the numerous choices we make in-game will have an impact in the final stages — big or small. This power of choices and facing the repercussions is one of the strongest points of DAO. While there is not a single bit to complain about the story or the setting, the graphics could have been improved a bit. It seems a bit dated and sharp elbows are definitely not a good sign of the game-engine.

Voice-acting is incredible and the characters feel like they deserve to be cared for. The combat is seamlessly integrated into the game and the moves you can carry-off are just awesome.

Finally, DAO is a really good game and a gem for RPG fans. But for the rest, make sure you have the time and the patience to finish it. It will be worth it.

Sharan M is a II Year, B.E student of RMK College of Engineering and Technology