When everyone was too busy to offer a visually-challenged man help…

One day I was standing at the stop waiting for my college bus like I do everyday. I saw an old man who was visually-challenged, shouting for help. At first I could not make out what he was shouting, but then after listening to him keenly I realised that he was calling for help to cross the road. Many passers-by glanced at him and went without offering him help. I was startled and taken aback that no one helped him. Even I was not able to help him cross the road, fearing I might miss my bus. Since no one came to help him he tried to cross the road himself. The buses that were plying on the road stopped abruptly while the man was trying to cross. Then one man who passed by that side helped him to cross the road.

“Thank god,” I sighed and felt relieved. At last there was a single soul that morning to help him. Finally, I boarded the bus and I chided myself for not helping that poor man.

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