Books are special companions, and that is why the library is the one place this reader misses the most.

I am waiting for my final semester results, and so far I have noticed that every college graduate, when they talk about their college days, go on about how much they miss the noisy classrooms, packed canteen, long corridors, fun-loving friends, lengthy lectures, dedicated teachers and secret hangouts. I miss my college library.

It is the best place in my college. We claim to have many friends, but we feel isolated many times. In the library, we establish a strong and stable relationship with books. Over time, books become our closest friends and companions.

I remember the day I first walked into the college library after scanning my ID. The place is a treasure trove of wisdom — English literature, science, arithmetic and management — you’ll find everything. Education is incomplete without an efficient library. For me, e-books have not replaced traditional books and I love its smell. None of the books are untouched, but unfortunately, many do not return books within the specified time. Several books are left ruined too.

A library is not just a sacred place. It embodies the essence of human emotions.

Meritta is a BA English Literature student at Stella Maris College.

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