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Since I’ve started high school, I've noticed that my views on everything has changed dramatically. Back then, I had friends who were a bit judgmental and conservative on a lot of issues. Now, I find myself wanting to be around free thinking people. One of my old friends is upset that I have drifted away and keeps confronting me at school about it. I understand why she is upset, but how do I tell her that I've changed and that I don't feel as close to her anymore without causing a stir?


Dear CC, So you burst out of the chrysalis and grew wings. Congratulations. But does this mean you start looking at your former mates like greasy caterpillars that landed in your soup? There are always parts of people that are appealing, and parts that are not. Even your so-called “free thinking people” are going to have qualities that you desire less. They may not be good friends, for instance. But if you still want to break off with your old friend, be direct. You owe her that much.

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