Train your reflexes and exercise your fingers, as these top five games hit the stores next year.

Batman: Arkham City

For a superhero who has the world's largest fan base, a proper game has surprisingly eluded him. That changed once Rocksteady unleashed Batman: Arkham Asylum in 2009. Almost everything about B:AA was mind-blowing. The combat was fluid and flawless, the story was amazing, the graphics were eye-popping and it had the Dark Knight himself ! Arkham City takes the fight against evil to a huge prison within Gotham City and pits Batman against some of his greatest foes. Will he live to fight crime another day? Find out in September.

Dragon Age 2

Bioware once again showed the world that, when it comes to making classic RPG games, no one else comes even close to the standards these Canadian developers set. Dragon Age Origins is arguably one of the finest RPGs ever created. Dragon Age 2 will put players in the shoes of a pre-determined protagonist- Hawke. While this decision appears to have caused unrest in the ‘hardcore' players' camp, it certainly will open up the game and make it more accessible to the casual audience. Expected to arrive in March.

Crysis 2

When Crytek created the original Crysis, little did they realize that their game will go on to be the benchmark on which all graphic cards will be tested, something that stands good to this day. The developers managed to create visuals that were stunningly life-like and a game that was fast-paced and solid. Crysis has a huge fan base all over the world and Crysis 2 will attempt to pull in even more players. Slated to hit stores and for the first time, consoles, in March.

Mass Effect 3

The fantastic Mass Effect trilogy shall come to its epic conclusion with this instalment. By creating a blend of RPG, FPS and Action/Adventure, Mass Effect 1 kick-started a brand new genre in the gaming industry. Mass Effect 2 improved on the previous game in every sense conceivable and it is little wonder that it ended up winning 2010's Game of the Year awards from numerous critics. Mass Effect 3 will see Commander Sheppard attempt to defeat The Reapers once and for all in a place that seemed comparatively peaceful in the previous games – Earth. Expected to arrive in December.

Dead Space 2

One of the finest games to come out from the relatively drab 2008 season, Dead Space did amazingly well to warrant a sequel. The main reason for its success can be attributed to its impressive atmosphere. The mood the developers managed to create was award winning. This time around, they are attempting to throw in a new multiplayer mode and improve on the controls. Fans are eagerly anticipating the final product that is expected to hit store shelves in January, 2011.

Sharan is a III Year B.E student at RMK College of Engineering and Technology.

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