From a small town girl to being featured in Google’s women-entrepreneur programme, Archana Doshi’s food blog — Archana’s Kitchen — is taking her places. Here she talks about what it takes to become a successful food blogger.

When it comes to food blogging, I believe that all you need is passion. Using the internet, creating websites or a blog has become very simple nowadays. In just three to four simple steps you can make a website and start adding content.

You will be on your way to the wonderful world of food blogging once you show an interest in doing it.

I love cooking and I am passionate about sharing healthy, exotic, simple vegetarian recipes that are easy to understand and follow.

When you have a food blog, it is important to accept feedback from people, who have tried these recipes, and engage with the readers and fans. I have focussed on and tried my best to understand my readers’ dietary needs.

Ever since I started my blog, I have been trying to perfect my recipes every time I cook. My kitchen is my “test kitchen” and this reflects in my recipes as well. Each time I cook, I take notes and try cooking it again. These qualities will help your blog stay consistent and unique (It has helped mine!).


I have realised that the reach of offline cooking classes, or a cookbook is minimal compared to YouTube and online Google Hangout classes. People can sit in their kitchens and learn cooking from me this way. The internet has made learning so easy.

Income comes with time and I earn doing what I love. Now, after four years, I can say I am financially independent again. My revenues from the blog come through advertisements on the website and YouTube.

One can earn through blogs by subscribing through Google’s AdWords and product placement when specific companies request you. But a lot of work goes into increasing revenues.

It’s important to be yourself. Blogging is all about writing what you feel within.

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