Offbeat: Few are given celebrity status as soon as they arrive in the city

Every day thousands of people arrive by bus, train, ship and air to visit Vizag. Some come as tourists, a few on work and others to adopt the city as their new home. Once such person was Nakul who was sent by the people who had adopted him on a long and tiring road journey to Vizag from Kanpur. Nakul arrived in the city on April 11 after a rather unpleasant four-day journey caged up at the back of a truck.

Much like those who arrive in the city, Nakul was tired and spent his first few hours recuperating from the tedious journey through central India. The next day, he planned to explore the new environment and find himself a nice place to call home.

He burst onto the scene and announced his arrival in style. The twitterati and media also took attention and by the evening he was the talk of the town.

He was upset with his first home and made a run around the neighborhood to find a new one. He met a number of unwelcoming citizens on the way who were unwilling to share their space. Finally, he decided that the area around the magnificent banyan tree in the neighborhood would be the best place to call home and settled down there. As Nakul is a vegetarian, the sign outside that read Sambar was an added incentive.

Unfortunately, it was the name of his new roommate.

A month later, Nakul who is now a celebrity at the zoo is considering moving to a much larger home that has been specially designed for him.