Brothers Gaurav and Geet felt music was just not their cup of tea, till they realised it was actually on top of their mind

Gaurav and Geet are brothers. They are like the two sides of the same coin totally different in their personalities, likes and dislikes etc. Yet, it is their passion for music that binds them together.

Even in music, they have treaded different paths. While Geet has formed the band Lagori and is the bass guitarist of the band, Gaurav manages the activities of the Raghu Dixit project.

“When we first started our training in western classical music we hated it. Then we were more interested in football rather than strumming a guitar. In fact, we felt that music was being forced upon us, ” recalls Gaurav.

But, today we give the credit to our mother, Albina, for helping us discover the beauty of music in our lives,” says Gaurav. “It took me eight years to even like music. The reason why I hated it was because it was taught in a classroom ambience, which gave little space for me to explore my creativity. Then I met Alan Rego — a popular guitarist and teacher in the city. He provided me with the guidance I need and let me do my own learning. Three months later I found myself playing at restaurants as a professional!” he adds.

Gaurav, a software engineer, quit his job to take to music full time, “when the Bangalore music scene was not big”. Geet, on the other hand, is content shuttling between working as an investment banker and a musician.

Geet says that his passion for music was triggered by just following his elder brother - Gaurav.

“I saw him perform with various bands and was influenced by him. Though we had agreed to disagree on everything when it came to music, we were both receptive to each other’s suggestions.” Geet decided to become a serious musician when he performed at an event in his college.” “We were thrilled when we saw girls cheering us. I think that boosted my confidence,” laughs Geet.

Gaurav met Raghu Dixit when he was in his final year of his studies and his band performed the opening song for Raghu’s concert. “Raghu was also putting up a new band together and approached me to join him. I was heading towards a corporate career, but his encouragement at that time sealed my love for music,” says Gaurav.

“Today bands are gaining popularity and are now competing with Bollywood music. They make enough money as well. Musicians have realised that it takes more than just talent to be recognised. It is all about how you market yourself,” explains Geet, whose Band Lagori has released their maiden album named after themselves.

The brothers travel a lot with their respective musical careers and lead a hectic life. But Geet, who also manages to take guitar classes in Frazer Town says: “When we have the passion we make time for it.” And they both make it a point to come together “to perform at our local church leading worship or at other centres. The first 20 years of our lives were spent without us talking to each other. Neither of us knew what was happening in the other’s life. It was music that helped bond us as siblings too.”

Though they are recognised in the city as performers, the brothers dream to make it to the international music scene. “A random decision by our parents to put us in music classes changed the course of our life, for the better,” smiles Gaurav.

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