Volvo, which has recently hit the headlines with due to reports that Chinese carmaker Geely wants to buy the Swedish marque from Ford, is going to the Geneva Motor Show with a new sports sedan, the Volvo S60.

Sketches revealed by the carmaker show an exterior design with sharper lines than the predecessor model, taking some of the front design cues from the XC60 Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), with a coupe-like curve to the rear.

With production planned in 2010 at the company’s Belgian factory in Gent, the Volvo S60 will be fitted with the 1.6-litre petrol-engine turbo, with an output of 180 hp, presented in the study at the Detroit Show. A start-stop system and twin-clutch gearbox will come as standard.

True to Volvo’s tradition in emphasising safety, the S60 will feature a collision warning system with an automatic brake function and pedestrian protection. It can recognize persons running on the road once it reaches speeds of up to 25 km/h and trigger an automatic braking procedure if the driver does not react in time.