Sharada Prasad takes a day’s break only for Diwali, barring which it is treats all year round

Named after its proprietor, Sharada Prasad Chaats is a pleasant departure from the usual ‘chaat on a cart’.

This cart does not bear a signboard and is better known by local residents as “the kachori place”.

On the footpath behind the famous Seshadripuram college, Prasad can be found frying batch after batch of his trademark kachoris and samosas between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. on all days of the week. That is, of course, if one can spot him past the crowds ever present around his cart.

Prasad came to the city almost 30 years ago; he found his calling a decade ago when he decided to bring his knowledge of chaats to the streets of Seshadripuram. The eight varieties of chaat are made in the authentic Uttar Pradesh style, more popularly identified as ‘Bombay style’.

Rs. 10 for any plate

The dishes are a big hit with the regulars, who tend to try a little bit of everything on offer — not surprising as every item on the cart has a standard rate of Rs. 10.

Other popular short eats here include vada pav and samosa pav, which are tasty and filling.

Unlike his competitors, Prasad chooses not to fry the spices that go into his snacks, which gives them a unique flavour, and makes them somewhat healthier.

Hygiene is a priority at this place; Prasad ensures that fresh oil is used in his deep fryer every day, and all the ingredients are prepared with care.

One can be sure of finding this cart 364 days a year — the owner takes a day’s break only on Diwali, barring which it is treats all year round.


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