The newly launched The Wingster challenges chicken-lovers’ spice levels with their new concept

Ever watched Adam Richman wolf down chicken wings doused in varying levels of spicy sauces on Man Vs. Food and wondered if you’d be able to do the same? Food challenges are quite common at eateries abroad and if they challenge spice levels then every foodie worth his salt is game. The Wingster, one of the newest eateries in town, has brought this very concept to town with their eight kinds of sauces; all with varying levels of spiciness.

The newly launched eatery has a limited menu with chicken wings as its star attraction. While they do have a selection of short eats like Potato Wedges, Mushroom Balls, Nachos, Onion Rings, Jalapeno Bombers and Chicken Duxelles among a few others, it is the chicken wing that is the hero of this mafia-themed restaurant. The wings are offered as their main course in eight different sauces to suit varying spice palates. They even have vegetarian wings made of potatoes and cottage cheese and offered with the same selection of sauces. Their sauces go from L1 to L8 with L1 being the least spicy using parmesan cheese and L8 being the spiciest with the famed Ghost Pepper or Bhut Jolokia from the country’s North East.

Diners can pick from these eight sauces, whose ingredients are specified alongside. The chicken wings, which are surprisingly meatier than the usual wings you get elsewhere, are then batter fried and doused in the freshly prepared sauces. The L1 is called the Wingster’s Mercy with just garlic and parmesan and can be easily eaten by children as well. The Wingardium Chickenosa or L3 is more suited to the Indian palate with its achari flavour. The spicier sauces really are the L6, L7 and L8. While the L6 or the Fiery Wings which comprises Thai chilli and Ghost pepper might not come across as very spicy the heat works its way up slowly. The L7 or The Fiery Frenzy that has habanero chillies is slightly more merciful with its kick of mango. The L8 or Wings of fire however, has only Ghost Pepper and is spicy from the first bite. On the upside, though the amount of chilli used in the sauces is just enough for you to feel that punch, it will not leave you with a burning stomach or any discomfort.

The eatery is also soon set to launch the Wingster Challenge where diners will be invited to try and polish off a set number of wings doused in the super hot L8 sauce. Those who manage to do so will find their place on The Wingster Wall of Fame. “In the three weeks that we’ve opened, we’ve already had a lot of diners willing to experiment with the Wings of Fire and most of them have loved it. We are however always prepared to help out those who find the sauce too hot for comfort. We always have some milk and sugar handy to cool down those fired up taste buds,” says Murali Krishna, manager at the eatery. The Wingster also offers a dessert Fruity Symphonies to cool off all that heat.

The best part – it’s not heavy on the wallet. A portion of 6 chicken wings come for Rs. 140 while the short eats range from Rs. 45 to Rs. 99. So if you love to face the heat and chicken this is a place worth checking out. The restaurant also accepts card payments and offers home delivery services within a fixed radius.