Prawns and coconut seek each other out

A little imagination allows this recipe to deviate from the run-of-the-mill deep-fried prawn preparations. In grated coconut, prawn meets an old playmate and like always they gel well. Coconut lends the prawn a welcome crunchiness in this dish. On first appearance, it is the immaculate tail that tells you this is a prawn delicacy. Served with fresh mango chutney, it becomes an irresistible combination.

Coconut prawns with mango chutney

Serves two


16 medium prawns

2 freshly grated coconuts

200gms refined flour

4 eggs

Oil for frying

Lemon juice of 2 lemons

4 spoons mango chutney

Half tsp red chilli powder

Salt and pepper to taste


Peel the prawns and leave the tail intact. De-vein the prawns and marinate with lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Dust the prawns in refined flour, dip them in beaten egg and then coat the prawns nicely with grated coconut from all around, one prawn at a time. Heat oil for frying on a slow flame.

Blend mango chutney, which is available in grocery stores in pet bottles, in a mixer with little water, lemon juice and red chilli powder to a sauce consistency. Gently fry the prawns on slow flame till they turn light golden brown and serve hot with mango chilli chutney.

For Ravi Saxena, Executive Chef at The Claridges, no cuisine is difficult to learn or master. “It all depends on personal interest,” the chef says. However, he enjoys whipping up European dishes and he believes he got the “right exposure” at the right time.

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