Deals, meals and unlimited top-ups… that’s the USP of the newly-opened Sam’s Pizza outlet in Nungambakkam

If you have an appetite for it, Sam’s Pizza offers unlimited servings, a concept found in few pizzerias in town. This means you can pay the cost of one meal but get unlimited top-ups on request. For real? “Yes, there is no catch in this. Eat as much as you want,” says Anal Banker, head of business development, Sankalp Recreation, present along with Deen Sadiq, group director, Landmark Zenath Group and M. S. Marzook, director, SMS Cuisines, at the inauguration of the pizzeria in Nungambakkam.

Unlike other competing international brands such as Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and Domino’s that have been around for a while, Sam’s Pizza is new, and is the first joint to be opened in South India. A venture of Sankalp Recreation based in Ahmedabad, Sam’s Pizza has more than 25 outlets in the U.S. and the UAE.

So was it named ‘Sam’s Pizza’ to conform to the simplicity and carefree atmosphere of a fast food restaurant? According to Anal, it was named to co-ordinate with the names of the other restaurants belonging to Sankalp. After Sankalp Restaurant, Saffron Restaurant, Salt ‘n’ Pepper, Sankalp Organisers and Sankalp Xpress, it seemed appropriate to go by the custom and name the pizzeria with the same letter.

“It is not a regular pizzeria where only pizza is served. We have unlimited offers and meal deals,” says Anal. A 3000 sq.ft restaurant with a capacity to serve more than 60 people at a time, Sam’s Pizza also undertakes to make party arrangements for a minimum of 20 kids right from sending out invitations to serving desserts. Its meal deals consist of a drink, a pizza, an appetiser and a salad bowl — increasing portions and servings according to the deal. However, nothing is as marketable as the unlimited offers — differing for vegetarian meals and non-vegetarian meals. According to Anal, an average person in Chennai is willing to spend Rs. 250-400 on a lunch meal whereas, the unlimited offer labels a starting price of Rs.199, proposing an attractive deal to customers who expect nothing less than the best. Besides customer-friendly offers, Sam’s Pizza presents a clean and spacious environment with a pleasant hospitality team serving fresh dough pizza as you like it!