As the festive season kicks off, whip up this dessert to satisfy your sweet cravings

It might appear to be a little elaborate but the end result will make you realise that it’s worth the effort.

The sweet and light galangal cheese chiboust delicately filled with basil jelly and arriving on a bed of blood orange clafoutis, is a sure shot to win your heart.

Galangal cheese chiboust


Galangals puree 500 gm

Mascarpone cheese 100 gm

Egg yolk 5 no

Rich cream 150 ml

Sugar 50 gm

Egg white 2 pieces

Sugar 25 gm

Gelatin 15 gm

Blood orange clafoutis


Rich cream 100 gm

Sugar 50 gm

Egg 2 pieces

Melted butter 25 gm

Flour 25 gm

Orange puree 25 gm

Basil jelly

Basil puree 100 ml

Sugar 20 gm

Agar agar 3 gm


Galangal cheese


Boil rich cream and sugar. Add egg yolk, galangal puree, mascarpone cheese.

In a bowl make a meringue of sugar and egg white. Add gelatin and mix the mixture together.

Pipe the mixture in a cylindrical mold.

Method – Blood orange clafoutis

Mix rich cream, sugar, egg, melted butter, flour, orange puree and pour in flexi pan. Bake the mixture at 160 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.

Method – Basil jelly

At a slow flame boil the basil puree, add sugar, agar agar and cook the mixture until become thick.

Spread the mixture in a flat pan and leave the mixture to cool.

Place the blood orange clafoutis in a plate, wrap the galangal cheese chiboust with basil puree jelly.

Garnish with chocolate strips.

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