The ongoing Beijing Food Festival at Radisson Blu MBD Noida proves to be a mixed bag

One cuisine which is responsible for my weight gain is definitely Chinese as I grew up on noodles and fried rice. Such is the flavour of the cuisine that be it the elders or the young ones Delhiites love it. I still remember whenever I used to get good marks though it used to be once in a blue moon, my grandmother used to treat me with noodles and we both used to relish it. So when I was invited to Radisson Blu MBD Noida which is hosting Beijing Food Festival at their oriental restaurant RED I accepted the invitation and went for a review.

One thing I was sure about was that the food would be good as the guest Master Chef Liu Zhiun has been invited to do the food. Having experience of almost three decades I was quite excited to taste Chef Liu’s food. . I was impressed by the selection of dishes and straightaway asked the chef to start serving. My review of an oriental restaurant always starts with a bowl of soup. Within minutes piping hot bowl of Sichuan chicken soup was served. Soup was light and quite refreshing. It had a nice clear texture and perfectly balanced seasoning which I loved. Salad followed the soup but it couldn’t follow the benchmark which the soup had set minutes ago.

Raw papaya salad was juicy and tangy but the raw papaya lacked the crunch. Even the peanuts were missing. Then I was served my first appetiser of the day, deep fried prawns stuffed chicken wings and what a great start it was! Crunchy, juicy mixture of chicken and prawns was full of flavours. A perfect finger starter! On the other hand scallops in garlic sesame dressing were slightly over cooked. After the two starters I was served poached prawn noodles with green sauce and it was surely a mouth-watering delicacy. It is a unique delicacy not available easily.

But how could have I finished my Beijing feast without tasting the famed Beijing duck. It was a steamed version as the restaurant didn’t have a duck oven but my expectations were shattered once I tasted the duck. It was overdone and the skin left the meat of the duck.

However, ending with an ice cream-stuffed crunchy roll made my day.

What: Beijing Food Promotion

Where: Radisson Blu MBD Noida

When: On till September 1, 2013

Price: Rs.3000 for two plus taxes

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