A mocktail is a mix of non-alcoholic fruit juices. Beat the summer heat with these simple mocktail recipes which include fresh fruity flavours that will also cool your body.

Apple Julep


Apple juice: 60 ml

Pineapple juice: 60 ml

Apple chunks: 4

Lime wedge: 4

Mint leaves: a few

Sprite: 30 ml


Muddle apple chunks, lemon, mint leaves and stir with the juice. Swirl with crushed ice and top up with Sprite. Serve cold



Watermelon: 20 gm

Lime juice: 10 ml

Honey syrup: 20 gm

Sugar syrup: 20 ml

Chilled Camomile tea: 10 ml

Cranberry juice: 30 ml


Mix ingredients other than cranberry juice and swirl with crushed ice. Top it up with cranberry juice and honey. Serve cold.

Kiwi cooler


Kiwi: 15 gm

Coconut milk: 15 ml

Sugar syrup: 45 ml

Castor sugar: 10 gm

Kiwi syrup: 20 ml

Kiwi crush: 20 ml


Blend all the ingredients with ice in a blender to get a smooth consistency. Pour into a glass. Garnish with slices of kiwi. Serve cold.

Lemon and mint cooler


Lemon juice: 20 ml

Honey: 10 ml

Sugar syrup: 45 ml

Mint leaves: 1

Ginger ale: 90 ml

Lime cordial: 15 ml


Mix lemon juice, sugar, honey, mint and ice in a blender until it is foamy. Pour into tall glasses and top it with ginger ale. Garnish with slices of lime and serve cold.

Orange Chocolada


Chocolate ice cream: 90 ml

Chocolate syrup: 90 ml

Orange juice: 60 ml

Heavy cream: 90 ml


Blend all the the ingredients with ice other than cream. Mix well. Pour into a glass and top it up with cream carefully.

Sprinkle chocolate chips on top of the cream.

Serve cold.

(Executive Chef, Hilton Garden Inn, Thiruvananthapuram)