La Riviera at Pullman Gurgaon is worth a visit for its French and Italian coastal food

One of my recent visits to La Riviera at Pullman Gurgaon is worth talking about. Inspired by the authentic French and Italian coastal food, La Riviera sure has a selection of dishes worth trying. Spearheaded by young Indian Chef Tanveer Kwatra, it gives people like me a definite sense of pride that we can produce such talented chefs to prepare world class cuisines with finesse.

On my visit to the restaurant, I choose to sit next to the glass wall having a beautiful view of the pool on my right and a spectacular open kitchen on my left. Its kitchen definitely needs a mention for its opulent look and customised colour combination. About food, I left it totally to the chef, which turned out to be a wise decision. Chef Kwatra started with his choice of salad — macerated green asparagus and fruit salad with smoked curd. The presentation was perfect and so were the flavours. The smoked curd raised the standard of the dish by many notches. It was for sure one of the best options for vegetarians at the restaurant. The salad was followed by a small covered bowl of seafood delivered on my table. On opening the lid, a robust seafood aroma burst out which I just loved. Seared scallop and prawn as the choice of seafood was perfect. I liked it so much that I ate even the last crumb.

Being a risotto lover, I asked the chef to serve me one of his risotto preparations based on mushrooms. Keeping my preference in mind, he served me a wild porcini mushroom risotto with sherry mousse and black truffle oil. Till then, each creation of Chef Tanveer was perfect but the risotto was a level above. Its taste reflected well the use of the finest ingredients in the preparation.

Before moving on to my main course, I had a sorbet in between to set my palate. Considering my love for red meat, the chef made a lamb steak for me. The medium-to-well-done steak was fine but lacked a bit on the texture. I would have preferred it a bit juicier. The steak came with a minced meat patty on top which was done well and was tasty. To sign off on a sweeter note, I was served a crème brulee which was delicious. I loved the smooth texture of the crème.

Meal for two: Rs.2500

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