A gooseberry delicacy in sugar syrup

A popular south-Indian delicacy, this recipe was passed on to me by my grandmother.

What you need

Gooseberries (aamla) -10

Sugar - 250 gm

Water - enough to cover the gooseberries

Cooking instructions

Pick and choose good gooseberries and wash. Prick each of them on all sides. Heat enough water in a heavy bottom vessel and put the gooseberries in and cover the vessel with a lid. Cook till the gooseberries are soft. Remove from fire and allow to cool. Strain the water (this water can be used to rinse hair). In a heavy- bottom vessel add enough water and sugar. Boil till the sugar dissolves. Now add the gooseberries and cook for five-10 minutes. Allow to cool. While serving, remove the seeds from the gooseberries and serve them with the sugar syrup. The dish can be refrigerated without removing the seeds.

Vatsala Appaswami is a homemaker who loves to experiment with cooking and interior decoration.