Scrumptious, easy-to-make desserts to beat the heat

What a treat it is to have cool desserts in this sweltering heat! Here are a few delicious and dessert recipes, all of which can be quite easily made at home.

Iced low fat Strawberry Parfait


Strawberry, fresh or frozen: 200 gm

Yoghurt (plain low fat): 200 gm

For Italian meringue

Sugar: 100 gm

Water: 65 gm

Egg white: 90 gm


To make Italian meringue, dissolve the sugar in the water and bring to the boil (ideally 120 c), whipping constantly. Slowly pour in beaten egg whites into the hot syrup, again whipping constantly. Continue whipping until the meringue is cool. Puree the strawberries and force the puree through a sieve to remove the seeds. Whip the yoghurt until smooth and mix in the strawberry puree. Fold the meringue one third at a time into the yoghurt mixture. Pour into glass and freeze.

Vanilla Pannacotta with Mixed Berry Coulis


Milk: 300 gm

Heavy cream: 300 gm

Sugar: 125 gm

Gelatin: 1 teaspoon

Vanilla extracts: 1 teaspoon


Heat the milk, cream and sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Soften the gelatin in cold water. Add the softened gelatin to the hot milk mixture and stir until dissolved. Stir in the vanilla. Pour into a mould and chill until set. Unmould and serve.

Passion Fruit Bavarian


Milk: 200 gm

Sugar: 200 gm

Egg yolk: 6

Gelatin: 1 tablespoon

Passion fruit puree or juice: 200 gm

Heavy cream: 400 gm


Heat the milk and 100gm sugar in a pan. Whip four yolks with the remaining sugar. When the milk mixture comes to boil add two egg yolks and return all to the pan. Cook to 85 degree Celsius, being careful not to exceed this temperature. Strain the mixture. Soften the gelatin in the cold water. Heat passion fruit pulp to boil. Add gelatin and stir to dissolve. Stir over a cold water bath until cooled to about 28 degree Celsius. Combine with the mixture. Whip the cream into soft peaks. Carefully fold in the whipped cream, working quickly before the gelatin sets. Pour into mould and chill.

Strawberries Romanoff


Strawberries: 200 gm

Sugar: 60 gm and 20 gm

Orange juice: 125 ml

Orange liqueur: 60 ml and 20 ml

Heavy cream: 400 ml


Trim the stems off the strawberries. Cut the berries in half if they are large. Combine the berries with 60 gm sugar, orange juice, and 60 ml liqueur. Chill for one hour in the fridge. Prepared whipped cream flavoured with orange liqueur. To serve, put the berries and juices in a serving bowl or individual desserts glasses. Put the whipped cream in a pastry bag with star nozzle. Pipe the cream decoratively over the berries to cover them completely. Chill and serve.

The writer is Pastry Chef atVivanta by Taj, Thiruvananthapuram