This offers the best of Anglo-Indian cuisine

Bridget White-Kumar brings you a blast from the past with her new book, Anglo-Indian cuisine – A Legacy of Flavours From the Past. The book, which is a comprehensive collection of easy-to-follow recipes from the Colonial British Raj era, aims to preserve the authentic flavours of Colonial India, and record the heritage of the pioneers of Anglo-Indian cuisine.

The book has a wide variety of dishes, ranging from European cutlets, croquettes and roasts to curries, side dishes, foogaths, pickles, chutneys and more. It brings back popular dishes from the Raj era such as yellow coconut rice and mince ball (kofta) curry, pepper water, mulligatawny soup, grandma’s country captain chicken, railway mutton curry, dak bungalow curry, crumb chops, ding ding, stews, duck buffat and almorth.

The book provides clear step-by-step instructions on how to prepare these exotic dishes, making the cooking process simple and problem-free. The book is a revised version of two of Bridget’s previous books, The Best of Anglo-Indian Cuisine – A legacy, and Flavours of the Past, with many new recipes added to this edition.

Bridget, an author and food consultant, has written seven books on Anglo-Indian cuisine. The book is available at Gangaram’s Book Bureau on M.G. Road priced at Rs. 175. For details contact Bridget on 25504137 / 98455 71254 / 98440 444236.