Deck up your home with the most opulent range of home furnishings and high-end accessories. - SUPRIYA HIMANSHU

The season is all about short days and overcast nights right now, but if you decorate your home like a jewel box, one can overlook the chill surroundings.

Whether it's furniture or curtains, crockery or corner vase, lamps or chandeliers, chic cushions or traditional settee, the trend is to go lavish. Décor is bringing in elegant and splashy styles, rejuvenating the casual abode in a luxurious way and cheering it up.

Primary palettes

The colours are very basic. Shades of red are the in thing but if you believe in a neutral palette then classic charcoal is the option.

“Beige, brown along with aqua and plums are the hottest shades if you want to give your home an international look. You can even dash off one of the walls in these shades to brighten up your home,” suggests Ashwini Narula, owner of Benchcraft, known for its high-profile Bollywood clients like Shilpa Shetty (Kundra), Urmila Matondkar and Jet Airways Lounge (Mumbai), Leela Kempinskie (Gurgaon).

Narula further adds, “You décor reflects your personality and personalities are definitely not seasonal. You might not like to change the style in short intervals so adding one trendy piece to your home may be the way out without disturbing the entire décor.”


Are you wondering if it's the same old curtain and cushion story? No way! Today people are looking for opulence and aesthetics. The era of minimalism is gradually fading away. Rather, it's replaced by drama. So, when it comes to upholsteries, designers are working on brocades, taffeta, rich velvet with powerful motifs.

“Upholsteries are available in varied varieties and designers are creating customised patterns too. The textures are getting finer and draperies heavier. But when it comes to the living room, go for sheer fabrics, as you don't need much privacy there. Colours too can vary; my own family room is all about aqua and plum. One has to keep in mind the size of the home before selecting any splendid upholstery,” says well known interior designer Raseel Gujral Ansal, owner of Casa Paradox, who has been designing more than two decades.

Rugs and mats

These accessories truly meet the changing trend and the need of the aware shopper. After all, a pleasing and magnificent mat is all that's needed for a welcoming gesture. Wherever placed they add warmth, ambience and cosy comfort.

The major component of rugs and mats is jute and wool, which comes in various blends and colours. In fact, you can refresh your living room with asymmetrical rugs placed systemically. Believe me, this accessory completes the look and also keeps your home clean.

The lamp effect

Décor is never complete without a beautiful lamp. It not only lightens the room but also is the key to an eclectic décor.

“Today furnishing means bringing in things that are natural rather than artificial. People have become art collectors so, even if it's a lamp, they want to go for something artistic but unpretentious,” reveals Kiran Rao, owner of Amethyst Store. This Chennai-based store showcases an extended range of classic Victorian art deco furniture line.

Accentuate corners

Adorning your dwelling doesn't mean stuffing it with all kinds of objet d'art. It needs to breathe and look spacious. “The corner in any room is an untouched place and doesn't hinder the movement. Therefore, it's the best area to display anything exotic. I feel the corner walls can be experimented with wooden linear, tiles or even colours. If your living room is small then decorating the corners with glitzy vases is the way out. They instantly perk up the room and are also safe there,” suggests interior designer Nupur Gupta of Alchemy, a Delhi-based store that has redesigned the office space of Dalmia Group.

All time favourite

A candle is far from just a candle anymore. The grace and the gorgeousness of the candles have come a long way from a ceremonial zone to the attics and chests of our home. In fact, beautiful candle stands in silver and gold, crystals are here to treat and hold the oval, round, tapered, aromatic, gel, wax or even soy candles. The look is rich and captivating. Candles play a vital role by creating most inspirational surrounding with its charm. Get set to energise your spirit with its warmth.

Celebrations grant an opportunity to take a sneak peek at the décor trends around. It's never too late to revamp the laidback home into a glitzy, flamboyant one.


Sunday MagazineJune 28, 2012