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Updated: October 1, 2012 17:00 IST

Young World quiz

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Change of attire: In which place did it happen? The Hindu Photo Library
The Hindu Archives
Change of attire: In which place did it happen? The Hindu Photo Library

A quiz on Mahatma Gandhi on his birth anniversary.

1. What are the names of Mohandas Gandhi’s mother and two elder brothers?

2. What new political concept did Mohandas Gandhi reportedly use for the first time while resisting the Transvaal Asiatic Registration Act?

3. For what was Mohandas Gandhi awarded the ‘Kaiser-i-Hind Gold Medal’ in 1915?

4. What did Mahatma Gandhi refer to as his “two lungs”?

5. How is the date of Mahatma Gandhi’s return to India in 1915 observed now?

6. Name the Oscar-winner for Best Score for “Limelight” who had a memorable meeting with Mahatma Gandhi in 1931.

7. After his return, who advised the Mahatma to be an observer for a year before taking part in politics?

8. After which famous author did Gandhiji name the farm built on a land gifted by the German Jew Hermann Kallenbach?

9. In late 1919, the Mahatma assumed the editorship of two publications — a Gujarati monthly and an English weekly. Name both.

10. Mahatma Gandhi was the President of the Indian National Congress only once. Which year in the 1920s?

11. In which bustling city did Mahatma Gandhi adopt his iconic loin cloth attire?

12. We all call him the “Father of the Nation”. Which famous freedom fighter first referred to him as such?

13. Which Asian was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the 1980s with chairman of the committee saying it was “in part a tribute to the memory of Mahatma Gandhi”?

14. Who played Bapu in “Hey Ram” and “Lage Raho Munnabhai”?

15. Which eminent writer and Nobel Laureate remarked on Gandhi’s assassination with the comment “It shows how dangerous it is to be too good”?

Answers: 1. Putlibai and Laxmidas & Karsandas; 2. Satyagraha; 3. For his contribution to ambulance services in South Africa; 4. Ahimsa and Truth; 5. Pravasi Bharatiya Divas; 6. Charlie Chaplin; 7. Gopal Krishna Gokhale; 8. Leo Tolstoy; 9. ‘Navajivan’ and ‘Young India’; 10. 1924; 11. Madurai; 12. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose; 13. The Dalai Lama; 14. Naseeruddin Shah and Dilip Prabhavalkar; 15. George Bernard Shaw.

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