June 5 is World Environment Day. Try out these suggestions and make a difference.

Disney Channel Star, Murtaza

Hey friends, so what are you doing for the environment on World Environment Day (June 5)?

‘Environment Day' is the time for us to make a pledge to save the Earth. While God created the planet with the correct proportions of the “blues” and the “greens', un- thoughtful human activities have disturbed the proportions. Here are some simple ways in which we can save the environment and have fun.

Race to nearby places: While autos and taxis are easy to get, a good way to travel to nearby places is to walk or run. How about racing with your friends to the nearest playground or park? Last one there is a chicken! But make sure you are careful on the road.

Make your own shopping bag: A fun project might be to make a shopping bag, which your parents can carry with them when they go out. This way they won't be wasting plastic bags and everybody will be enviously looking at the bag you made for them.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Keep a score between your friends for who recycles the most.

Plant a pet plant: Might be difficult for all of us to find the space to plant a tree, but we can all get a pet plant. Plants also give out oxygen and we can all have a pet “Perry the Plant' in our balcony. Maybe even get Perry a friend — Friend of Perry the Plant! Just like Perry the platypus is a friend to everyone's favourite inventive brother on Disney Channel's Phineas and Ferb.

Donate your old toys: This is not only an excellent way to help the underprivileged, but also prevents pollution caused by plastic. It will fill your heart with joy to watch other children your age play with those toys. Go on, don't be selfish

Save electricity - Stay Together: Saving electricity is another way of helping out the planet. So instead of all your classmates watching TV in their own house, why not get together with a few of your friends in one of your houses and watch TV together?

See who can throw more garbage in the dustbin: When you have garbage in your hand, don't throw it on the road. Instead go to the nearest garbage can and throw it in there like a basketball shot. Have some fun with it! And if you miss, pick it up and keep trying again till you finally get it.