Crocus has just celebrated its fifth anniversary and what a celebration it was!

Everything that is outside is but a reaction, reflection and resound of what is on the inside.

If reading books could ever be celebrated, make sure you do it The Saffron Tree way. Saffron Tree, the children's book blog celebrated it's fifth birthday with CROCUS (Celebrate Reading of Culturally Unique Stories) this year. The week-long virtual book festival was celebrated in a rather unique way. Choosing to use the five elements that make up nature — Earth, Space, Water, Air and Fire ¯ the Saffron Tree members covered this theme for the roles they played in harmonising our lives.

So much to read

Continuing on the theme of unity, these elements are the very things that help us all subsist together as an ecosystem, both on a gross external level, and on a sublime inner energy plane. And as the blog turned five, it seemed fitting to pay tribute to the elements that we all have in common.

A reading exravanganza, the blog was flooded with Reviews, art and craft, the very popular Crocusword and interviews. The team of 15 members took up a few books each and reviewed them through the seven days. If you get a chance, go through books like Water Stories from Around the World, or Fire and Space, Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman.

With so much information to share on the virtual world, the team coaxes children to read on, share the knowledge they have gained and to bring about an awareness of Indian writers. This year 30 books were showcased and in what they called a reading marathon they kept supplying the readers with reviews once every four hours.

This interactive website also put up a challenge for the readers called Crocusword a pictorial puzzle that went with the theme.

A virtual tour with stories from across the world, Crocus 2011 is a rather unique book blog that focuses on stories with cross-cultural or multi-cultural flavours, primarily from India and U.S in its celebrations and a potpourri of information that is left behind for us to savour for the rest of the year.

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Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012