The story of India’s first woman prime minister is no ordinary story. It is the story of a little girl to whom sacrifice and loss came early, for whom growing up meant seeing her father drift in and out of jail and her mother in and out of hospital; wearing khadi and organising her own band of troops, combating loneliness and giving up the things she loved for a bigger cause.

INDIRA GANDHI, CHILD OF POLITICS by Sreelata Menon, Puffin, Rs. 199

The city of Jewel is in peril once more, held captive by the Fugleman, his band of Blessed Guardians, and an army of ruthless mercenaries. Goldie and Toadspit are determined to free their city, but how can they fight such overwhelming forces? Their unlikely allies include a dozen white mice, the bloodthirsty spirit of a warrior princess, a cat and a brizzlehound who are moral enemies.

PATH OF BEASTS by Lian Tanner, Hachette, Rs. 299

In the colossal caldera of Yellowstone National Park, a geyser blows in a startling eruption of red, and young Akshat disappears. This is only the tiny, terrifying start to the primal battle, now resurrected in full fury, between the two ancient foes, Elrai and Edasich. As the frantic search for Akshat begins, his cousins, the child guardians entrusted with olden secrets, come together with a coven of witches to rescue their beloved Akshat, and the world from certain peril.

THE BONES OF STARS by Giti Chandra, Hachette, Rs, 350

Here’s a reference book that will introduce you to the different aspects of India, from history to economy, from geography to flora and fauna, from sports to cinema- a ready reckoner for every student to know more about his/her country and find detailed information.