Something bizarre has happened…my diaries have been stolen! Who could have taken them. I have a sneaking suspicion it is one of my fans. Yes, I have fans now, hordes of them. I know the thief has even published my diaries online. My fan-mail just keeps pouring in. My Facebook page too has been buzzing with activity. I have more than 5000 friends now. Finally, life looks like its turning around.


Shankar discovers a stone tablet and embarks on a trail of thrilling adventures seeking out a mysterious gem.

SEARCH FOR THE SACRED GEM, Nilima Sinha, Ponytale Books, Rs. 175

Hriday, a naughty boy, is unthinkingly cruel to animals. He goes his merry way till a terrible crime causes him to be turned into a Thumbkin with no prospect of return to the human world.

THUMBKIN, Translated from Bengali by Nonda Chatterjee, Ponytale Books, Rs. 150

A collection of short stories that explain the mysterious aspects of nature. They are not only entertaining but also educative.

THE HARE IN THE MOON, Pratiba Nath, Ponytale Books, Rs. 99

Rousseau is a silly happy dog who has one special power. He can tell the time. When the Orange Marmaladies from the Black Hole of Time stop all timetelling devices, the world is thrown into a tizzy. Clocks, computers and even traffic lights stop working. Only Rousseau can tell the time with barks and thumps of his tail.

Can Rousseau save Earth from this disaster? Or will the world be timeless forever?

THE STUPENDOUS TIMETELLING SUPERDOG by Himanjali Sankar, Duckbill, Rs. 199

Counting out is days through measured buckets of water in the overcrowded, water-deprived city of Mumbai, 11-year-old Chintan aka Chintu leads a somewhat ordinary life. But all of that changes when his grandfather recounts a strange prophecy. The revelation takes him on a quest to his ancestral village, Tintodan which is parched of rain and plagued by empty taps.

Here, a chance meeting with Maahi, a shy girl with mysterious powers makes him believe that prophecies might come true, after all.

THE WATER CATCHERS by Bhairavi Parekh, Hachette, Rs. 299


Children’s Book Day celebratedApril 2, 2014