The World Around Us is a series of comprehensive environmental education course books for Stds. I to V. Drawing upon insights from sciences, social sciences and environmental education books, the books for Std. I and II look at the child’s natural and social environment, while books for Stds. III, IV and V have separate sections for social studies ( EVS1) and general science (EVSII)

The unique features of this series is its theme based integrated approach, lessons that nurture creativity and curiosity, activities supplement and reinforced learning, opportunities to explore, cross-curricular learning, collaborative learning through class discussions and teamwork and learning through fun and practice.

THE WORLD AROUND US, EVS Course book, Book 1, 2 and 3, Rs. 125, Rs. 135. Rs. 190

Elementary English is a complete, practical and easy-to-teach course aimed at students learning English for the first time. Simple, student-centred texts are used to teach fundamental language skills – reading, vocabulary, writing, grammar, speaking and listening. These books are packed with several informative and motivating exercises to help reinforce learning. This series is for Stds. I to V.

The aim of this series is to help first generation English learners with the basic skill of the language, oral communication, using the audio component as a crucial tool in the learning process, especialy for pronunciation and conversation practice, understanding grammar and language items that are introduced in an easy- to-grasp format.

ELEMENTARY ENGLISH , Course Book I to V, Rs. 120 - 135