I remember the day when my father told me to read YW. It was the day when I took my first step in reading. My twin brother and I used to fight to read the YW. I just love YW. Specially the lovely short stories and puzzles. Even now I cut some articles which I like and preserve them.

SANDHYA, VII B, Navkis Educational Centre, Bangalore -560054

Long time reader

I am proud to say that I have been a regular reader of “The Hindu” from my school days. Even at 58 I find Young World very interesting and highly informative.

DR. N. SETHUPATHY, Rathna Medical Centre, 47 Cowley Brown Road, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore

Long journey

My journey with Young World started when my brother gave me an issue of YW as my birthday present in 1998. My brother Danny and my dad would ask me to read aloud the articles “to improve your English”. It's been 12 years and I am yet to miss a single issue! I've read hundreds of books and I've realised that no paper can ever capture young hearts like YW! After reading YW I dream of becoming a fiction writer.

CYNTHIA. M, XII, Bharathi Vidya Bhavan, Erode.


To me and my sister Young World is a good companion. We have a good collection of old issues of YW. It is our encyclopaedia and a ready reference especially while doing school projects.

MATHEW SIBI, Palliambi, 20-LMS Nagar, Muttada, Thiruvananthapuram.

From four

The first time I saw Young World was when I was four years old. I would spend a long time looking at all the colourful pictures. But most of all, I liked the Kaleidoscope. I loved to copy the drawings with wax crayons. Ever since I have liked the Young World newspaper and love reading it. But this is the first time I am writing to my favourite newspaper. This year, we get The Hindu in the school.

AKANKSHA.SURESH, Std. VI, Innisfree House School, Bangalore

Creative paper

I grew up reading The Hindu Young World. Right from Std. V onwards I have read it. YW encouraged me a lot by publishing my paintings and as a result I stood first in YW painting competition. YW also develops GK skills and I have participated in YW Quiz thrice.

A SUNITA PRASANNA, Viswaprabha Apartment, 44-34-43/9, Akkayapalem, Vishakapatnam

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