As part of the celebrations of Heritage Day, the Hyderabad branch of INTACH has been giving awards and citations to various Heritage monuments and buildings.

In November 1983 at the General Conference of UNESCO, a resolution was passed, recommending all Member states to declare 18th of April as “International Monuments and Sites Day”. It is more popularly known as the World Heritage Day.

As part of the celebrations of Heritage Day, the Hyderabad branch of INTACH has been giving awards and citations to various Heritage monuments and building, based on various parameters, to the following buildings this year. Announcing the names of the award winners, Mr Sajjad Shahid, the Convenor of the Screening Committee of the INTACH Awards 2011 stressed on “the need to conserve and cherish our heritage.”

Tomb architecture

Located at Erragadda, the Tomb of Fakhr-ul-Mulk is the resting place of one of the premier nobles, Umera-e-Uzzam of Hyderabad State. Nawab Fakhr-ul-Mulk's tomb was built before his death in 1934. For its iconic value as the last major monument constructed in the “Qutub Shahi Revival”' style and for its importance as a milestone in the evolution of tomb architecture in Hyderabad, the INTACH Heritage Award was conferred on it.

The Idgah-e-Qadeem (Old Idgah) in Madannapet, in the old city, was constructed during the reign of Sultan Mohammad, the sixth Monarch of the Qutub Shahi dynasty. The Madannapet Idgah was planned mid way, between the city and Sultan Nagar so that it could cater to the needs of the residents of both the places. For its imposing architecture, intricate embellishment and unique status, the award has been conferred on it.

The Shri Ram Building in Khairtabad, built in the late 1940's is a private business-cum-residence complex in a unique architectural style. It was constructed by late Shri Moti Lal Agarwal belonging to a business family with dealings in petroleum products since 1936. The interiors of Sri Ram Building are decorated with rare pieces of period furniture and art objects. For the dedicated efforts of maintenance and for its unique architectural style, it has received the award.

The Dabeerpura Darwaza, constructed in the early 18th century, is one of the only two surviving gates of the walled city of Hyderabad and the only one through which traffic passes even today. It is constructed in dressed granite. The single arched opening is flanked on either side by octagonal tower bastions. For its historic value as a part of the city wall and for its status as a rare example of early Asaf Jahi architecture, it has received the award.

The Tomb of Mah Laqa Bai at Chanda Bagh, located at the foot of the Maula Ali hillock, was constructed in the last decade of the 18th century. Chanda began construction of the tomb for her mother who died in 1793. She was herself buried in 1824. For its beauty, its heritage value as the sole example of a charbagh garden-tomb to be found in Hyderabad and the commendable effort in its authentic conservation, the INTACH Heritage Award 2011 was conferred on it.

The Bolarum Residency was constructed in 1860 on a sprawling 90 acre campus with residential and office quarters along with support facilities, for the Chief Military Officer of the Secundrabad Contingent. The estate was renamed Rashtrapati Nilayam after the merger of Hyderabad with the Indian Union and has served as the southern retreat for the President of India ever since. The sprawling grounds of Rashtrapati Nilayam are covered with beautifully landscaped gardens and plantations. A herbal garden spread over 7000 square metres with 116 species of medicinal and aromatic plants is the latest addition to the estate. It is estimated that over 450 varieties of trees including numerous rare flowering and fruit bearing species, are to be found in the 35 acres of plantations apart from the five acres set aside exclusively for formal landscaped gardens.

For providing the much needed green cover, relief from pollution and promoting Botanical diversity, the INTACH Heritage Award 2011 has been conferred upon the Gardens of Rashtrapati Nilayam in the Gardens and Open Spaces category.