Check out these three books and find out the hidden mysteries in you.

Do you know what the longest “transport system” in the world is? Well, its right inside you — no guesses? It's the human circulatory system. The Red Roller Coaster Ride: A close look at the human circulatory system takes you close enough to take an indepth view of it. It's not the usual text bookish information. In fact, it comes in the form of an interesting and funny story — the story of Std. VIII F, where the “F” stood for Failure! But Dimple teacher changed all that till the “F” stood for Fun.

History and Geography became more meaningful when they walked through the streets looking at heritage buildings and she teaches the secret of science being present in practically everything in life. A visit to the blood bank, where they watch blood being donated, makes them “experts” in the area of blood.

They learn why blood cannot be transferred from person to person, Hindi-film-style and why blood is tested before being given to the patient. More importantly they learn of the different blood groups, the RH factor and the importance of donating blood.

The next day the kids learned something about the “transport system” that stuns them: “The total length of the arteries, veins and capillaries in an adult is about 100,000 miles. Laid end to end, they would go round the world four times or stretch halfway to the moon.”

The different functions of the arteries, the veins and the capillaries are explained through illustrations and easy-to-remember charts. Yes, RBC's, WBC's, hormones, platelets and everything that enriches your blood stream is discussed. Not to be outdone, the kids too ask pertinent questions and the answers given in examples are easily “digested” by the students. The book closes with the section on the all important Heart. Again the illustrations along with the explanations by Dimple teacher, gives the students a clear idea of why and how the heart beats and most importantly how we can keep this vital organ free of disease.

Have you ever felt that you have “lost your brain”? Samar did so (in a dream) one day and he goes in search of it. In his quest, he finds out the different vital functions of the brain. This dream happens on the night after he has watched the movie “Emerald City of Oz” with his father. In his dream, Samar returns to the Emerald City and seeks the help of the wizard to find his brain. The wizard promises to help, on one condition — that he will tell the boy many things about the brain and finally will ask him one question — for his philosophy is that one should always earn something. And so Samar begins his journey of discovery.

Samar learns that the brain controls his emotions and that it has a very strong helmet – the skull. Huge one-page illustrations though funny are thought-provoking and examples and explanations are lucid. As the “teacher' here is a wizard, he is able to conjure holograms and Samar gets a better “view” of the brain.

Explanations are given through cricket imagery — the brain team therefore has the Cerebrum as its captain. (Important terms are in bold and a pronunciation guide is given.) Next comes the Cerebellum, pronounced sai-uh-beh-lum, which controls balance and body movements along with other things. The Brainstem also plays a vital part.

And what is the important question that the wizard asks Samar, does Samar answer right and will he be rewarded with a new brain?

Read Can You Help Me Find My brain? for a hilarious dose of fun and facts.

Mom's going to have a baby: The reproductive system is Aditya's story through the eyes of this little boy. But the book begins with an important introduction “Why do we need to have a baby?” Fact boxes are given on the essentials of reproduction and the existence of life. Tough-sounding terms can be tackled with the help of your teacher or parent. The strength of the book lies mainly in the clear diagrams, especially of the reproductive system and the journey from a tiny egg to a bouncing baby. The XY system of sex determination is explained well through a chart-like diagram. The book closes with a quiz just a “check” for yourself whether you have got all the facts right for yourself.

And so here are three books for you that have loads of information for you, to learn and remember with a smile.


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