People say that no one can change destiny and that it is foolish to fight destiny. But this is not right. I have seen people who from very backward families who are first generation learners. They have worked hard and managed to qualify in national examinations like the IIT, AIIMS and so on. So I think we can change our destiny with hard work. It is only with hard work that we can unlock the door of success. After this everything is possible. But there are people who discourage us and say that they have done a lot of work but then they have not been successful. But then we need to have the key to unlock the door to success and for that we need to know where the key is. We should try and find that key and not stop until we have found it. Everything is possible and there is nothing like “destiny”.

Syed Ashar Waris, X A3, AMU City High School, Aligarh, U.P.