Looking for a new tomorrow? Here are some rules that kids wrote in to say they would like changed. They believe that the change will be beneficial to all.

A new year has begun. We have many hopes and wishes for 2013 and we hope to achieve as many of them as possible. Kids have written in to Young World to share what they think are the rules – both legal and social, that should be changed so that we have a better future.

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Ban homework

Schools should not give homework for a variety of reasons. In almost every schooling system, certain tasks or activities are allocated which are to be completed at home.This is called homework. There are three other reasons why homework should be banned — schools take away seven hours or more from a student’s life, daily; it gives us all less time to do what we actually want to do and finally, it is stressful and is the cause of bad grades because it keeps us away from having fun. Without fun, it is all work and no play and this makes Jack a dull boy.

V. HARI KRISHNAN, IX A, ONGC PUBLIC School Neray Karaikal, Puducherry

Save our sparrows

O ne rule I would like to change this new year is preventing installation of cell phone towers in areas where sparrows and other small birds live. It is not fair that these poor creatures sacrifice their lives for the joy of humans. So, a strict rule has to be implemented for saving sparrows.

S.SRI SAGANA, LKG B , SSVM World School, Singanallur, Coimbatore.


The one rule I would like to have changed is that people who litter should be fined. This should stop them from littering.

Hrishik Patel, VII B, Vibgyor High Marathahalli, Bangalore

Lessen the load

The one thing I would like to change is the academic syllabus. At present it is so vast and heavy that students have to go for tuitions, extra classes and spend a lot of time studying on their own. Children do not have any time to play and there is no time for extra curricular activities.

Ruby, XI , Pooja Modern SSS, Police Line, Kurukshetra

Clean record

There must be a rule that prevents people who have a criminal record from standing for elections or playing an important role in politics.

Palak, IX, Sangrur Public Senior Secondary School, Sangrur, Punjab

Free choice

The marks we score in Stds. X and XII board exams decide our college and our career. For most people, becoming a doctor, engineer, teacher or lawyer are the only career options. This restriction in choice makes it very stressful to perform well. We must do away with rules that make the board exam marks the deciding factors of our future and also do away with social rules that specify only certain careers as eligible.

Zainab Nizami, X G, AMU Girls' High School,Aligarh

Keep them out

People must not be allowed to enter wildlife sanctuaries. Allowing them entry is like making sure that a death sentence hangs over all the animals that live in these sanctuaries. Animals are on the endangered list not just because of poachers. People need to understand and respect animals.

KHYATI SOLANKI, X, St. Mary's Convent High School, Raichur.

Include sports

I would like to have one rule introduced. This rule must give suitable marks for sports and games.

M.V.K.ANEESH, II, Scottish High School, Gurgaon, Haryana

No exams, please

From the monotonous fast paced study life, definitely I would like to break the rule of grading a child

From the monotonous fast paced study life, I would definitely like to break the rule of grading a child based on exam marks. While going to school is very joyous, preparing for exams is a horrible experience. The real assessment of one’s intellect can only be on his/her successful implementation of skill sets as per situational demand. Today, in the name of exams, kids are harassed by both parents as well as teachers. The interest or inclination of the child is not considered. History has proved that a high scorer is not necessarily a genius and vice versa. The scores are just a base line for entry to the next level and nothing beyond. Whereas, practical learning helps us to understand and tap our true passion at a young age and that’s what keeps us active and happy till the end. Since marks are just an entry level eligibility criteria, we need to have just a mere pass mark, but should be allowed to excel in one’s favourite activities such as hobbies, undertaking innovative projects, NCC, NSS, SUPW, Arts and Crafts and so on.

S. Kiran, IV K, SBOA CBSE, School Road, Chennai

Not on the road!

One rule I would like to change concerns fire crackers. At the moment there is a rule that says one cannot burst crackers after 10 p.m., but I think it has to be changed to include the prevention of bursting crackers on the road. During the festival season,, I’m scared to step out of the house when I know people out there are not concerned about kids and elders who pass that way.

Mrithika Sudhakar, Senior Montessori 2, Srimathi Sundaravalli Memorial School, Chromepet, Chennai

Break the habit

The one rule that I would like to implement is one that stops people from spitting in the streets. It seems very silly but it is one of the sources of spreading diseases. Many mindless people spit in public places like theatres, parks, shopping malls and every other open space. Some viruses are airborne and can thus spread easily. In India, spitting has become a habit. In America there is a rule that if any one spits in public places he/she must pay a fine. In the same way the Government of India must also implement the rule against spitting.

MANVITHA GANGISHETTY, IX, Oasis Public School, Warangal

Justice delayed

The main reason for punishing a person is because he has committed a crime. The punishment should stand as an example to everyone in society and a warning to potential offenders. In Middle East countries, crime rate is low compared to India. Though, I am not supporting their kind of punishment, I do support the speedy disposal of criminal cases.

In India, it takes years and years to pass judgement on a crime. As time passes society forgets the crime and the basic purpose of punishment and its effect is not met. As long as there are human beings there will be crime. For an effective control of this, speedy disposal of cases with proportionate punishment is very essential.

Sarga S. Nambiar, IX C, K. V. Payyanur, Kannur


One rule that I would like to change in this year is that all children be allowed to do what ever they want to do. All teachers should be friendly to the students and finally Santa Claus should give gifts to all children regardless of caste, creed or financial status.

Brundha, VI A, Sindhi High School, Bengaluru

Say yes to pups

All the schools have exams, but I wish that instead of exams there should be some project work which would be interesting and also motivate us to think better. My apartment has a rule that we should not have pets. Many of us miss the enjoyable opportunity because of that and hence, I wish they change the rule! I am waiting for the chance to get a beautiful puppy to play with all day after school! My parents always say that I should ride a two wheeler only after I am 18 years old. But, most of my friends ride two wheelers and that makes me feel bad. How I wish the rule gets changed so that children can drive from the age of 13!

G. Jeevan Siddarth, IX, Shrishti Vidyashram, Katpadi, Vellore.

Pollution free life

I would like to change how people dispose garbage in our city. My teacher made us aware of the importance of separating different kinds of garbage. There are two types of garbage — green waste and dry waste. Leftover food, fruit and vegetable peels are green waste. We should dig a pit in the garden and put green waste into the pit and cover it with soil. The green waste mixes with the soil and makes the soil good for growing plants. Dry waste is empty juice cans and bottles, chocolate wrappers and plastic bags. This dry waste should be tied up separately in a garbage bag and be disposed at garbage collection points.

The reason we have to do this is when both these types of garbage is mixed up and dumped in garbage dumps it causes pollution of air and water.

Aftab Khan, III V, Chaitanya Vidyalaya, Domalguda, Hyderabad

Save the earth

Plastic is a substance that causes a lot of damage to the earth’s environment which is essential for life. As a citizen of the Earth I will change the rule that allows the use of plastic and instead insist on the use of jute or cotton bags. By doing this I can make Earth a better place to live in.

Elizabeth George, VIII D, The Choice School, Tripunithura

Money, money, money

Is there a possibility that we can change the dominance of money in every field — be it education, job or even power. Money has a very deciding role in our society. I would like to change this. Why should money be the deciding factor for anything? Most importantly power should never be in the hands of money because money and power form a disastrous mixture.

Gouriparvathy V., X, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kannur

Spare the rod?

The rule “Students must not be beaten by teachers” must be changed because if students make a mistake teachers have the right to correct them. Some students obey if teachers speak softly but some students obey if teachers are stern or beat them. Hence a students’ behaviour maybe changed for the better if the teacher is allowed to take action.

G. SINDUJA, IX, St.John’s MHSS, Chennai


I wish I could make this a polybag free nation and get rid of poverty, education, food and shelter for all.

Shriyansh Agrawal, VI A, St. Kabir School, Hisar

Let’s talk

The one rule that I would like to have change is to allow talking in the class rooms.

M.V.RAMAKRISHNA, U KG, St Kiits International School, Bhubaneshwar