Social awareness among children is gaining momentum as they turn pro- active

In recent times, it is witnessed that there is an increased awareness among children with regard to their social commitment and the urge to make themselves useful to the community they are a part of. They are taking a keen interest in community development programmes, particularly in areas such as environmental and charitable causes, among others.

Group activities

“Community service gives us a way to be involved in our communities and also provides us with a sense of identity,” says Samanvitha, of Std IX. Most of the time, in issues such as those concerned with protection of environment, elders are viewed as a threat as they lack sensitivity for the cause. “Through schools we children chip in and contribute by participating in the International Coastal Clean Up Day and Vanamahotsava programmes among others to pledge our support to better the environment,” she adds. Community service also shows kids the need for compassion among humans and animals too. Dheeraj, of Std X, says that he is involved with an organisation caring for animals after he was introduced to such activities when he was in Std VII. “I also decided to celebrate my birthday in a very simple way by spending sometime in the evening with the elders at an old-age home. I entertained them with songs and distributed sweets too. By becoming involved with the community one realises that barriers don't really exist,” he adds.

Chain reaction

“According to me protecting the environment is important for cleaning up the environment as it keeps us healthy,” says Sneha, of Std VI. “I try my level best to keep the surroundings of my home and school neat. Littering the environment with plastic waste and materials can prove harmful. Hence I try to recycle them by making something useful or decorative out of the waste instead of throwing it away. I also spread awareness by telling the others to reduce the use of plastics,” she adds. Sneha says that she feels that human beings need to prevent air pollution. The pollution can be controlled by avoiding bursting of crackers during festivals which pollutes air to a large extent. It also results in noise pollution. “I have asked my parents not to get crackers and instead celebrate the festival in a different way. I strongly feel preserving environment and natural resources will benefit us and our future generation,” she explains.