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Updated: June 18, 2012 15:43 IST

All packed and set

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Two bags: A sensible decision. Photo: N. Sridharan
Two bags: A sensible decision. Photo: N. Sridharan

School has reopened and there’s always a last minute hassle about packing your bag and lunch box! Check out this chart, it’s like a ready reckoner.

Pack your bag

If you are buying a new bag make sure you check the zips and make sure you buy one with several compartments. This helps in being organised.

If you are using your old bag check it thoroughly and ensure that no holes have developed. You don’t want your favourite pencil or eraser falling out.

Keep your time table handy.

Check your Diary/prospectus/ home lesson book to make sure you have completed your home work.

First pack the note books and then your text books.

Sharpen your pencils, make sure you have eraser, sharpener and scale.

Fill ink in your pen.

Keep your ID card handy.

Carry an extra spoon or fork just in case you forget to bring one from home

Keep an extra handkerchief too.

Always pack your bags the night before, so there is no mad rush in the morning.

Check to see if you need your parent’s signature or letters for your teacher (esp if you have been absent the day before)

In your cupboard too, make sure to keep books according to your time table so setting it for school becomes easy.

What’s for lunch?

It is ideal to carry a separate lunch bag. Now you can keep your snack box, lunch box and water bottle in it.

Always carry a serviette to avoid staining your uniform

Make sure you pack spoon or a fork depending on what you need that day.

If you carry your lunch in your school bag make sure to pack it well.

You don’t want to soil the pages. Put the tiffin box in a zip lock so nothing falls out.


Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012

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