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Make a green buddy

Let Mother Nature be your best friend this holiday season. Indulge in some of these great activities to get to know her better. »
Plastic World: Instead of throwing the PET bottles away, turn them into useful things

Be a PET, don't use the bottle

Where does a plastic bottle go after you use it? Does it sneak away, only to find itself in a landfill, or can you use it to make something else? »
People performing garba (dance) on the ocassion of Navratri festival in Mumbai. File photo: Paul Noronha

When good triumphs

With the holidays coming up, it is time to take a look at Dussehra celebrations across the country. It goes by many names, yet, the festivities remain the same »
All lined up: Effigies of Ravana. Photo: Rohit Jain Paras

Celebrating a victory

This is a time as good as any to cheer the artisans. They get to showcase their best and we get to enjoy a visual feast. »
Illiustration: Satwik Gade
September 18, 2014

Pull up your socks

Rimi was engaged in a massive search and couldn’t locate her box of colours or school uniform. Her mom gave her a lecture. The same one she gave every morning. But, Rimi did not listen to her. Rimi... »
September 18, 2014
Language Lab

Gratefully yours…

Do you know that the word grateful is one of the most commonly misspelt words in English language? The confusion arises while spelling the grate in grateful. We often tend to spell i... »
Illustration: Sreejith R. Kumar
September 18, 2014
Sounds of Music

Scaling notes and pitching songs

You’ve heard an ambulance before, right? Remember what its siren sounds like? It can be a scary sound because it implies someone is really sick, but listen closely. It has a really slippery, contin... »
September 18, 2014

Chugging along

I love trains — watching and travelling on them. We had just moved to our new home and one evening my grandfather took me to Carmelaram. It is a small train station tucked away in a quiet corner o... »
September 18, 2014

My home

Home is the place where families meet,Home is a place of full retreat.When I am at home,I get everything I need.I like my home with all the things,My home is the... »
One A3 sheet of paper is used as a base for the art work.
September 18, 2014
Let’s get BUSY

Cut it out

Henri Matisse was a French artist who was born in France in 1939. He studied to be a lawyer, but fell ill when he was 20. His mother bought him some art supplies to keep him busy and this was the s... »
September 18, 2014


You is not an ordinary word, It has the power to rule the world. To the dark world, the only light, In the wrong world the only right In the ordinary world the... »
Pet Peeve: Cats are allergic to some leaves and plants. Photo: S.S. Kumar
September 18, 2014
Pet care

Safety first

Here’s how we can make sure our pets are safe in our homes and that we don’t accidentally harm them.• Never medicate pets yourself. Did you know that our bodies work very differently compare... »
September 18, 2014

Friendship calling

The storySchool finals are over and it’s celebration time for Tenida and his friends Habul, Kyabla and Pela. Undeterred by the prospect of dismal scores and determined to make their h... »
Photo: Savita Narasimhan
September 18, 2014
Fine Lines

Play of colours

Lines, triangles and circles. Are we talking geometry? No, Warli. A few brisk strokes, a dot here and a dash there, and you have — the world of Warli. They are also the largest tribe in Maharashtra... »
September 18, 2014

Flowers in the sky

There was a girl named Diya, who lived in a beautiful house, surrounded by different flowers. She loved playing outside and looking at them. One day, she was outside, admiring their beauty when it... »
September 18, 2014

Happy village

Once I went to a happy village,Where I saw many goats and cows.Where the farmers work very hard,And at home they eat large meals.In the village was a forest, where I saw... »
September 18, 2014

Space mission

Five astronauts were all set to go to space. They were Shan, Sam, Zen, Shras and Reck. Sam was the leader while Shan and Reck were weather reporters.The countdown began—10,9,8,....3,2,1—and they we... »
What shape are the bubbles in your snake bubble?
September 18, 2014
Science is fun

Shape the bubble

Using a pair of scissors (only under adult supervision), cut the bottle in half. Next, cut the top half of an old sock. Take the top portion of the bottle and stretch the cut sock over it, leaving... »
September 18, 2014

My mother

I was passing an orphanage and I noticed children playing in the playground. There were girls and boys as young as five, and the others were older. I saw a little girl and it was a great... »
September 18, 2014


Visual treatMy son and I love reading the new Young World together. It is a visual treat, and the subjects covered are very interesting. In particular, the section on music wri... »

Around the world in 80 pages is a newspaper-based treasure hunt that takes you back to meet people, places plus anything else you encountered in the last five issues of the Young World (5X16 pages... »