An online store that home delivers high-end kitchen tools and products

When Rohit Jain decided to set up his own e-commerce business, he understood that the books and apparel industry was pretty much saturated and ventured into a new area – an online store dedicated to kitchen and dining ware, The website has a catalogue of 5,000 cookware, bakeware, kitchen tools, kitchen appliances and dinnerware products from about 50 Indian and global brands. “After my masters in the UK and having worked in the online space, I started Magickart,” Jain says, “I had a mentor who had been in the business for several decades. Besides, I went out and researched the area spoke to people who use kitchen utensils and understood their needs before venturing into the business.”

Jain understands that baking, both as a hobby as well as a profession is seeing wide interest and sells a wide range of baking equipment. From Sweaty Bear Cake moulds, Tescoma delicia muffins pans, copper finish choco moulds, plum cake moulds, muffin pans, cake pans, 25 different shapes of chocolate moulds and chocolate making equipment to baking utensils and more from brands like Silico, Wonderchef and Mastrad priced between Rs.200 and Rs,4,000.

“There are chopping boards for Rs.200 and then there are choppers for Rs.8,000. They both serve the same purpose but chances are that while using the 200-rupee board you will hurt yourself. With premium products like the ones we source, the risks are reduced manifold,” says Jain whose store mostly focuses on niche products that aren’t usually available in the market. Wooden stirring spoons, curved turners, wooden tongs, peelers such as gefu zester, rotary grater, vegetable peeler, thin skin peeler, cheese graters, palm zester, handle peelers and potato bags are some of the newer products Magickart is introducing to the local market. “We either tie up with brands directly or with their local distributors,” Jain says, “They don’t have to be the most-known ones, but if we trust their quality we stock them.” Once you order a product on Magickart, the website (based in Chennai) intimates the brand distributors, who then package it. “Our partner courier firms pick up the product and it is delivered to the customer,” Jain says.

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