The indigenous population

A reference book on songs, rituals and art forms practised by Adivasi tribes in Kerala.

Keralathile Adivasikal: Kalayum Samskaravum, Manoj Mathirappally, Rs. 225

Sound of music

Considered the first of its kind in Malayalam, this book on Western music covers the development of the genre. It has facts about patterns, scales, styles, instruments, and leading musicians. Interesting introduction to Western music.

Paaschaathya Sangeetha Praveshika, Fr. Dr. M. P. George, Rs. 175

Love story

A love tale based on the biblical story of Abeesagin and Salomon. According to the Old Testament, she is one among the courtesans of Salomon. But the author gives her a new identity and scripts an intense romantic story between the two.

Abeesagin, Benyamin, Rs. 55

For copies: DC Books

Evergreen letters

Edited by C.S. Venkiteswaran, this is a collection of screenplays written by Raveendran, along with studies on his movies and interviews. The scripts are of the movies Harijan, Iniyum Marichittillatha Nammal and Ore Thooval Pakshikal.

Raveendrante Thirakkathakal, Raveendran, Rs. 130

A historical journey

A travelogue by Veera Keralavarma, the king of the erstwhile state of Kochi, about his journey to Kashi (Benares) in 1852. His hand-written notes in English were translated into Malayalam by M. Raman Namboothiri. Unfortunately As things turned out, the king fell ill and passed away in Kashi.

Kochi Rajavinte Kaashiyathra, Veera Keralavarma Maharajavu, Rs. 50

For copies: Mathrubhumi Books

Celluloid history

The author, who was instrumental in unearthing facts about the father of Malayalam cinema, traces the history of world cinema, covering both the dark phases and periods of glory. It serves as a reference for students and film lovers.

Lokacinemayude Charithram, Chelangattu Gopalakrishnan, Rs. 110

For copies: Current Books

On stage

Collection of four one-act plays, of which three have no female characters.

Nanma Vithacha Vithukal, A.P. Sankaran Nilambur, Rs. 50

For copies: Voice Publications

Law points

The author has compiled Indian cyber laws for the layman.

Cyber Niyamangal Indiayil, M. Yunuskunju, Rs. 60

For copies: Kerala Bhasha Institute